We’re a small and very economic carrental.
The carrental’s name is CARVAHOME NV, which stands for Caribbean Vacation Home NV.

Carvahome started out as a Bungalow rental for people that didn’t have that much money to spend.
It was founded by MR. G.Th. Brendel & Mrs. M.J.A. Brendel in 1987!
Our location then was at pallasstraat # 6.
It started out as a hobby and grew over time. First they started to rent bungalows and then they thought that it would be great if people could have a car (very inexpensive of coarse) to get around on the island, so that they could have a great vacation without spending too much! so with the 2 bungalows we bought 2 lada’s and rented them to the people who stayed at the bungalows. Word soon got out of the very inexpensive cars and then the demand for cars grew. So we started buying more cars.

In 1990 we also started working with a carrental in holland that was BOUWENS Haarlem. So if people went on vacation to the netherlands they could book a car in advance in curacao. Later on we would split carvahome in 2 companies.
1: carvahome  2: CARVANED  (caribbean vacation Nederland)

In 1996 we relocated the 2 companies to our current adress: jongbloedweg #16
We’ve been around now for 28 years and we still love to work with tourists!
Now we don’t rent bungalows anymore but we do work together with lots of nice people who do.
We also give opportunities to students to get some work-experience and jobtraining as an intern.
They can learn a lot at our company because we have a lot of experience.

We also have lots of clients that come back once or twice a year because they like our service and we’re proud to say that they are more than just clients!

We would like to be at your service  and save you lots of money too!
We also like to be one of the reasons why your vacation has been great!

Curacao is a very nice island with lots and lots of friendly people!
We have beautiful beaches and almost always nice weather.
Hurricanes never like to go over our island so thats just something you won’t have to worry about during your vacation!
It’s also great to snorkle and dive here. There are lots of places to sight see and you won’t be bored if you come to visit our island for 3 to 4 weeks!
Just come and enjoy our beautiful island!